We stand for holistic wellness, and we believe that Yoga, therapies and conscious lifestyle choices have a real place in any healthy lifestyle. We aim to guide you through these elements of a holistic life, leading to peace, happiness and better health.

A regular Yoga practice comes with many benefits for your mind, body and spirit. Along with all the more obvious physical benefits, Yoga can help you to achieve lasting balance in your mental and emotional health. The full practice of Yoga is much more than the poses done on the mat, it encompasses a whole way of living that benefits not only you but those around you.

Here at the Yoga and wellness centre we practice Yoga daily and you can join us too in our weekly sessions or on retreat. We teach Yoga in a way that gives you the confidence to take your practice home and into your daily life, as this is where a lot of the magic and transformation happens.

"Imogen is currently on maternity leave, but for classes with our other Yoga teachers at the retreat click below"