"I have always loved plants, since I was a child I would spend time concocting foods and medicines for fairies in my garden, using the plants and rainwater around me to create gifts for these magical beings."

My father and I would camp out in the wilds and learn about medicinal hedgerow plants and how to make them into simple folk remedies. This sparked real interest, something drawing me into my senses and closer to the beauty of the natural world.

My love for plants only grew and I started making natural healing balms and creams for my friends and family. As I worked with the plants I got a more holistic understanding of health and beauty.


I lost my father when I turned fourteen, and this felt like losing my place in the world. It took me years to realise but I finally saw I had created a special bond between plants, nature and my father, and this bond could be carried through life and death. Today I work with nature and with plants, to stay connected to my roots and the love in all things.

"Honesty, authenticity and connection to source became really important to me."

In 2016 I embarked on three years of study, on how to formulate premium organic skincare, how to preserve the products naturally, and how to source the best ingredients. Whilst doing this I studied gathering wild foods, it felt right to not only nourish my skin from the outside, but to nourish my entire being with gathering and eating wild foods.


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"Imogen has a gift, its a rare gift but it does exist. Her gift allows her to take the experience to a completely different level. 5 stars doesn't even begin to rate this very talented lady who is walking in her own sunlight and fulfilling her calling in life. Thank you Imogen for what you did for me."


"Imogen is an inspiration to her students and she is also an amazing therapist. I highly recommend making the journey out to her wonderful yoga space for a class and treatment too. Thanks Imogen, for creating such a beautiful retreat space."


"I love this lady!!! Have just recently had treatment and it was brilliant, felt so relax and natural, always feel so safe under her care. she is such a welcoming and warming person which made it a pleasure. I look forward to going back to yoga. Definitely would recommend this lady's services!"


"I had a severe burn on my leg. As soon as the it was time to stop changing the dressing every day I used the skin treatment oil. It was awesome and stopped my skin drying out. This oil kept the hard skin soft which slowly fell off as it grew out and replaced the dead skin above. So happy I came across this oil."


"Intuitive, nurturing and blissful. I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon Imogen. Imogen took time to get to know me and my personal journey. I left feeling calm and centred, I also booked a follow up appointment immediately. Thank you, I cant wait to see you again."



I started Yoga at fourteen. It brought me peace and over time started aligning me to a more heart-centred connection with myself. Through Yoga I was able to make peace with my life, I was able to surrender to the future and be present in the moment, a journey I have been on ever since.

I practiced at home for six years and travelled to India to study. I furthered my training with Ashtangi, David Swenson and then a 500hr Soma Yoga teacher training. Soma Medicine Yoga is an intelligent synergy of Ashtanga, Kundalini and Shamanic Yogic practices along with

Ayurveda, Thai massage, elemental healing, vedic astrology, and other means to bring about balance and deep connection with the self.

With the strength I cultivated in my mind and body, I was able to support myself through the most difficult experiences I have ever gone through. I no longer felt alone, or at odds with the things I experienced and I understood that life doesn’t just happen ‘to’ you, actually life ‘is’ you and experience is a direct outcome of your understanding. I realised that the more energy I put into positivity, the more positivity I saw and experienced in life.


Today, Imogen and her partner Sam run Holwell Holistic Retreat, a Yoga retreat and wellness B&B at the edge of Exmoor National Park. The Lunari skincare products are made there amidst the pure sea air and rolling Devonshire hills.

Holwell, North DEVON


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